New 'THIS IS HLC' video out now

New 'THIS IS HLC' video out now

Our History

It all started when the three Iraola brothers began designing and constructing their first skateboard decks in a small garage in 2000, motivated by their passion for skateboarding.


Our Mission

The innovation and improvement of our products will always be our number one priority, thanks the use of ECO-Friendly materials.

We are a family-run business that is still thanks to the passion and dedication to SKATEBOARDING.

Our Brands

HLC SB Distribution is the European producer and distributor for leading international brands like JART, PLAN B, SK8MAFIA, FLIP, SOVRN and many more

Meet our Manufacturing


As the most advanced skateboard factory in the world, we guarantee the highest quality that only the latest technology can offer Specially designed CNC robots are used for a perfect shaping, varnishing and finish.


We take our time to press all the boards one by one. This guarantees that every single deck has the same quality than other. Our quality control guarantees the highest product reliability. The products are inspected at each step of the production.

Approved and endured by professional skateboarders.


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