It’s been a difficult task to contain themselves from shouting this out loud.YOW family is honored to announce that the 3x world champion and all-around living legend Mick Fanning is joining their team. Although he needs no presentation, you don’t get to introduce “Fanno” every day:Mick is one of the most respected and admired surfers in the world. Well known for his radical surfing based on speed lines, vertical turns and deep barrels – and for his perseverance, hard work and strength for overcoming obstacles and following his dreams.Of course, this presentation does not come alone, and with it YOW is introducing Fanning’s new signature models: the Falcon Driver and the Falcon Performer. Two already-essentials in their quiver designed for speed and radical surfskating, featuring the fastest animal on this planet as main and only symbol for obvious reasons.

These old school inspired boards have become a new classic in our quiver.