The three Iraola brothers are skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding passionates. As gliding is something common in the lifestyle of the Basque people.

One day, while they were looking at the bright new USA skateboards in a local surf and skate shop, they had a dazzling idea. Why not start their own business and manufacturing their own skateboard decks? They grew up in a family with a huge knowledge and experience in the timber industry, and that was something that helped them to develop the project they had in mind.

At that moment, there was no company in Europe selling skateboards. Consequently, they had a unique chance in their hands and they had to take advantage of it.

The first decks were manufactured in a garage. Using their brains, they created their own presses, cut templates and screen-printing machines to make their own skateboards. The skateboard factory that would become the biggest skateboard factory in Europe was just born.

Long story short, they created JART Skateboards. Having a big success for almost 20 years and giving the possibility of living out their passion to a lot of European riders. Making a huge impact in the scene and changing it forever. The business grew up and the factory started offering different products and services. That’s when the factory became HLC SB DISTRIBUTION COMPANY.

The innovation and improvement of our products will always be a priority. The advanced technology and manufacturing processes, are two of the facts that ensure the quality standards of the boards. Always placing special emphasis on our commitment to the environment. We use Eco-Friendly materials and all the materials used in the company at the time of production, are totally recycled. Moreover, the wood we use has a FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certificate. That is, the wood comes from forests under forest regeneration program (mature trees are cut down, and at least 1 tree is replanted for each tree that has been cut down).

We are now the leading company in Europe’s skateboarding industry. Standing on the Top 3 on an international level. We represent and distribute our leading international brands worldwide in more than 65 countries on 5 continents. Brands like: JART skateboards, SK8MAFIA, FLIP, PLAN B, SOVRN, YOW surfskates or CRUZADE skateboards.

A family run business that is still well fuelled thanks to the passion and LOVE to SKATEBOARDING.