Skateboarding comes in many different styles and ways, but there is one thing they all have in common. Once you are a skateboarder you get bounded by the sound of it, it will make you turn around and watch whenever you hear one pass by. Any kind of sound a skateboard can provide will forever be familiar to you and will give you a special feeling inside whether it comes from a slide of surfskating, a grind from ripping a bowl or the howling sound of wheels blazing down asphalt. Long Island is a brand combining all those different styles of skateboarding into one and that is why we feel deeply connected to the power of sound this beautiful sport has given us. Each of these sounds are just the start of another adventure on your wheels and will be memorized forever. Start your endless sound library today.

Directed, Filmed and edited by: Lars Goos

Voice Over Artist: Manon Taylor Riders: Guille, Irina, Saby, Thiago, Esther, Ana, Jan, Paula, Berta, Eloi,

Motorcycle: Guillem Lorenzo