Genesis (n.)

The origin or coming into being of something.


As wind starts to blow, the ocean starts to move and waves are created. Formed out of water and with help of earth’s crafmanship, the bottom underneath the waves create the shape of a wave and how it rolls down the shorelines. Thanks to these natural elements working together we got inspired to surf these waves…

Using the 3 elements just like nature does, and adding the fourth element, fire, to forge it all into one the Genesis truck got born and brings surfing out of the ocean and into land. Developed and designed uniquely for Long Island, the Genesis surfskate truck is LEAN’s newest addition to its arsenal of skateboard trucks and brings surfing a concrete wave the closest to surfing one made out of water than it has ever been.

The system uses a 160mm hanger and half-moon bushings to keep the weight as low as possible and create the perfect combination of smooth turns and rebound to gain speed while bombing. All together the truck will give you a high-performance surf experience and take concrete surfing to a whole new level.

Directed, filmed, and edited by: Lars Goos