What an amazing weekend we’ve just had in Las Vegas!!!

Gustavo Ribeiro, JART Skateboards PRO Team Rider has won his second Street League Skateboarding contest in Las Vegas, leaving PLAN B PRO Chris Joslin in 2nd place and Braden Hoban in 3rd.

The JART Skateboards goofy-footed rider did it all. An amazing run (fs nosegrind, back tail, kickflip bs lip, fs feeble down the kink rail, fs 5-0, 360 flip fs 50-50, bs bigspin front board, and a kickflip front board), followed by two great singles tricks (biggerspin flip front board down the scariest rail on the course and a bs crooked grind nollie varial heel out).

Line Score: 8.5

Single Tricks 9.2 & 9.2

Total Score: 26.9

You can also watch Chris Joslin’s highlights right here too.

Congratulations Gustavo and Chris for an incredible weekend in Las Vegas!

You can buy his two PRO models right here: