Photo by: Cariuma

Gustavo Ribeiro, JART Skateboards PRO Team Rider has finally won his first Street League Skateboarding contest in Salt Lake city, leaving Nyjah Huston in second place. In 2018 he won a silver medal in London and a bronze one in Sao Paulo in 2019.

Last June 2021, Ribeiro battled a shoulder injury. The recovery is being slow but Gustavo is progressing. 2 months after the injury, he compete in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, where he participated in the finals but due to the shoulder, could not get the place he wanted.

The JART Skateboards goofy-footed rider, kept foccused following his own strategy and made several outstanding skate trick combos. He shone in every single trick and finally closed the competition with a 360 flip to frontside noseblunt slide on a huge handrail. There was a lot of pressure in the final of the competition. After a long time participating without viewers, this time, the competition area was full of people and the support Gustavo received from the viewers was insane. No one knew who the winner was going to be, until Nyjah, the last one skating, landed and missed the trick. Now, Gustavo Ribeiro has become the first European skater winning the SLS.

Nyjah wanted to get rid of the thorn after participating in the Olympics and not getting the place he wanted, and the only goal for him was to win the SLS, but Gustavo outdid himself and left Nyjah in second place.

As Ribeiro highlights with a post on Instagram: “I remember me as a kid watching SLS and dreaming that one day I would be there! One of my biggest dreams came true and I couldn’t be more thankful!“.