JART Skateboards rider, Ginwoo Onodera, is killing the media with his tricks. The 11-years-old japanese rider, is evolving in his career as a skateboarder in such a way that people are freaking out. People still don’t know how he does it. Last October, he travelled to LA to skate at The Berrics, and one more time, he killed it. In the video below you can see all the attempts he made, and everything is beyond anyone’s comprehension.  He shows his extreme perseverance and consistency.

This little japanese beast has deffo lot to show and teach to past and future skaters. We are all stocked!

Luis Mora, is an american filmer who lived in Japan but now is living in LA. Once he knew Ginwoo was there, he took the advantage and meet him to record a video, and here is the result: